Pet Bearded Dragon Dog Training Tips

Pet Bearded Dragon Dog Training Tips

Do you want to know the details pet bearded dragon dog training tips and steps?

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Here are some steps of a trained dragon dog.


  • If the dragon continues to act aggressively or becomes more aggressive then it will be repatriated to its cage. Wait 5 minutes, and choose again the dragon.


  • Be careful, however, this gives a “reward” to the dragon effectively acting aggressively. If possible, it is better to hold the dragon until it becomes silent and then turn it into a cage so that he can learn what he can get by quiet behavior.


  • The aggressive drug takes a long time to train but does not give up hope. Sufficient time is given, they are used to touch and handle.


  • Dragons will be stressed if they are no longer handled. Better to have multiple, shorter control sessions each day than a single, long session.


  • Before this point, you will need to feed your dragon in his cage using a tree. Use a tree to leave near the millworks near your dragon.

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