Pet Guinea Pig Tips

Pet Guinea Pig Tips

Do you want to know the details about pet guinea training tips and steps? pet guinea pig tips are most important for the people.

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Here are some steps of pet guinea pig steps.


1 Buy guinea pig

The first step to buying guinea pig for houses, office and any other places. You can buy guinea pig in pig store. It is very hard to raise pig from any pet store. You should try to go to your local pet store and find your guinea pig for at least one-month-old.

2.  Setting up a cage

You must be set up a cage for pig. Pig is lived in a cage. There are some toys are put in a cage so the pig is played with the toys. And the most important part of the cage is you must clean the cage of the pig. My suggestion for the cage of the pig is you should clean the cage regularly.

3. Food for guinea pig

It is the most important part of the pig. All the people know the importance of food so the people also put food in pig cage. Pig and any other animal do not live without food. Food is an important part of our life.

4. Playing with your guinea pigs

You must spend some time on the pig. You should play toys with a pig. If you cannot put fertilizer on your lawn or yard, your guinea pigs can go out. As long as there are no pesticides or fertilizers, eating grass will not harm them.

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